Time Flies Like an Arrow

Two pairs of bananas rest on identical wall-mounted metal hooks. One is a pair of imitation bananas made from resin, the other is a pair of real bananas from a grocery store. During the exhibition, the organic bananas change from a bright green shade to looking like the model bananas. After a couple of days they pass their prime and turn black and dry. Depending on the exhibition time and space, the organic bananas are replaced. This process can take about a week in the preservative conditions of an exhibition space.


Anyone can bring an object that will fit within the cubic footage of a white box. The participant opens the box, photographs the current incumbent, shares the photo via social media using #mogrify. They then replace it with an object of their choosing and are free to take the previous object.

This piece explores the production of art, the producers of art and the authority of those acts by removing myself as the artist. Ultimately, what exists is a low tech machine. After all, the origins of mechanics were inspired by gift giving and the adventure of discovery. Even if the piece exists only to excite, elate and encourage the imagination, then it is successful. The last step, meanwhile, the sharing of the image on social media, imbeds qualities into the piece, the sharing within a walled garden, archiving, transience, or even not sharing it at all.


Three white square trays, Three Pyrex funnels, and pine pitch. Pine pitch will slowly fill trays over the next 1000 years. After all the pine pitch has been deposited in the trays the process is startedĀ over.